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I have been giving specific mature marketing advice for the last 16 years as part of a 37 year career in advertising and direct marketing, nationally and internationally.

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Praise for The New Millennium Tales

'I got your amazing book, and can't say enough about the look, feel and content. First class all the way! It shall grace my coffee table for years.'
Carol Orsborn, CEO BoomerInfluence.com USA

'My reaction is ….fantastic! What an amazing collection, and I'm very honoured to have been included.'
David Cravit, Vice President, ZoomerMedia, Canada

'Looks terrific and I'm very much looking forward to reading what my fellow 'pilgrims' have to say.'
John Tylee, Associate Editor, Campaign Magazine

'What an astonishing and fine book. Many congratulations, it is a splendid read.'
Mike Grady, Actor

'The book was displayed during the conference and I kept a wary eye on it to be sure it wasn't pilfered.'
Brent green, Brent Green & Associates, USA

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Ged Mirfin, Flying brands

'The book is gorgeous! Folks at work were very proud and so was my mum.'
Rama Gheerawo, Deputy Director, Royal College of Art

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Dick Stroud, 20plus30 Marketing

'Love the book, looks fantastic.'
Tim Hamill, Royal Mail

'I've been enjoying dipping into the Pilgrims thoughts.'
Mark Gettinby, Age UK

'What a beautiful item this is. How did the idea for this take place?'
Erik Rees, British Institute of Graphologists

'It's a great volume.'
Florian Kohlbacher. Deputy Director, German Institute for Japanese Studies, Japan

'Very impressive.'
Matt Thornhill, Boomer Project, USA

'Thank you for such a splendid volume. I feel as though I should put on cotton gloves before opening it.'
Leon Kreitzman, Author

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Carol Martin-Sperry, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Barry Graham, Speakers Corner

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Chuck Nyren, Advertising Consultant, Copywriter and Author, USA

Frank Leyhausen, General Manager, Medcom International, Germany

'Not only a very inviting page turner but also would do credit to any coffee table.'
Mary-Anne Rankin, Disability Consultant

'The book has arrived and is wonderful.'
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Ex Ambassador, Afghanistan

'I was so engrossed in it on the train that I nearly missed my stop.'
Janet Kiddle, Steel Magnolia

My New Book

The New Millennium Tales

New Book

Only £15 including P&P

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A collection of 'Tales' from around the world, giving a worldwide view of Baby Boomer thinking, needs and wants

Inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the 95 stories in The new Millennium Tales are written by an impressive array of pilgrims from industry, commerce, charities, Civil Service, The Army, arts and academia. They all talk about the importance of the Baby Boomer cohort.

The New Millennium Tales is not a 'how-to' book, it's more an ideas book. In much the same way as The Canterbury Tales gives us a snapshot of life in late 14th century England, this book will give you an insight into the world of the Baby Boomer at the start of the second decade of the new Millennium.

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Women over 74 go to the hairdressers more often than other age groups.
A 25 year old can't think 55.
Women over 74 go to the hairdressers more often than other age groups.
55-74 year olds in the UK are amongst the most prevalent older internet users in Europe.
Majority of over 50s holiday makers book online.
Playtex rebrand targets over 50s.
Women over 50 are a third more likely to drive topless (convertibles that is) than men.
Over 50s are more likely to start using social networking sites on mobiles than their younger counterparts.
The over 60 market will grow by 81% by 2030. The 18-59 market by only 7%.
50% of consumers in casual gaming market are women over 40.
61% of new cars are bought by the over 50s.
Developed nations got rich before they got old. Undeveloped nations are getting old before they get rich.
Two thirds of all the people in the history of the world who have reached the age of 65, are alive today.
Older folk are more persuaded by emotional and not rational ads, regardless of product category.
Conventional wisdom says 18-35 year olds are most desirable target – pull your head out of the sand and follow the money.




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